Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 11

I woke up with the sound of kids chattering. I turned my head and noticed that my whole class was sitting peacefully chatting away to others in the plane. Jordan, Marek, Grayson and Josiah were all there as well. I sat there for a few minutes, confused and feeling rather dissy. The plane was flying comfortably. 'This is weird' I thought. I saw an island out ahead which looked a bit like the view I saw from when I was a ghost. "We will be landing in a moment" I heard on the intercom. "Please fasten your seat belts. I did what he said and waited for impact.

We landed more smoothly than I expected. The plane stopped at the tip of the runway. The tree's were all dark green. Sam stepped out of the plane and people started clapping and saying thank you for the smooth ride. "Okay everyone. Gather around over here". We all walked over and for a circle around Mr Woody. "Now" he said. "Get into your groups that you had planned before the trip". I got into my group then waited for my next instruction. "And with with your survival items you are all going , in you groups, to a part of the island were you are going to set up camp and survive for 14 days". Everyone one cheered, full of excitement. "Split up to different corners of the island and set up camp". We all started heading towards different parts of the island.

We had an enjoyable walk to the top left corner of the island full of laughter and excitement. The island was exactly the same as before but seemed much more realistic. The birds were much quieter. We found a nice flat area looking out over the beautiful blue see and just a couple of meters away from the soft yellow sand. We started opening our bags and getting everything out of our bags that we needed to set up camp. The tent was set up after about 10 minutes and we had all picked our spots. We lay our sleeping bags down in the tent and because of the heat we decided to go for a nice relaxing swim. After the swim we lay down on the beach in the sizzling hot sun.

It was getting darker so we went to bed thinking how great this camp was going to be and hoping that nothing strange was going to happen.

Return To Matainui Day-10

It was now the tenth exhausting day on Matainui Island and I could tell that we had all had enough. It was still very dark so I tried to get back to sleep but struggled to so I stood up and stretched. The other mornings I had been the sleepy head but today I was up early. The others looked extremely tired by the position that they were lying in. I didn't want to wake them so I went for a wonder around around the pyramid. I remembered about the huge gash under my foot from the first day were I stood on a sharp shell. The cut had almost gone. All that was left was a faint line near the heal of my foot. I took a few more steps around the out side of the pyramid then to my amazement I saw an opening. I ran speedily back to the others and yelled "wake up. Wake up" I screamed, trying to get their attention. Marek rolled over and slowly and opened his eyes and asked what I was doing screaming at them. "There is an opening tot he pyramid and I think we might be able to get in. "C'mon" I urged. "Wake Josiah up and I'll wake Jordan up". "Okay" he replied. We ran over to the opening and looked inside.

Jordan was the first on to take a step into the opening of the pyramid. Scared, frightened and nervous that something was going to take him away or suck him in. He had both feet on the ground inside the pyramid which told us that it was going to be safe enough. I followed Jordan but took a couple of more steps then him and continued walking until I had reached a huge machine that looked suspicious. "What is that" I asked the others who probably had no idea. "I dunno" they answered. Marek walked right up to it and stared at the button that said "OPEN" in big capital letters. "Press it" demanded Jordan. Marek pushed the button and watched the doors slowly slide open. They were moving really slowly and making a strange creaking sound. When the doors had finally opened Josiah walked straight into the little room that looked similar to an elevator. I stopped him just before he had taken a step into the little room. "Get of me" he argued. "You have no idea what is in there do you". "No" he replied. " I know what" said Grayson. "Lets all go in at the same time so that we all go to the same place". Good idea" said Marek. So we all walked in at the exact same time and strangely nothing happened. There was a huge button saying "press here" so we did and we heard a swirling noise and it went all black.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 9

Thump, thump. I opened my eyes to see Grayson jumping next to me. "Whats wrong with you" I said. "What's wrong with you" he replied. "You've been asleep for ages and I've been left alone to wake you up". "Well, we're are the others" I asked. They were so excited about that flying thing you discovered yesterday so they decided to give it another try. They have been gone for about half an hour. We should go look for them". I hopped out of my sleeping bag. and wondered sleepily over to the rock that I jumped of yesterday. I was still tired so I waited for a couple of minutes sitting on the rock until I was wide awake. I stood up and looked at Grayson who had all ready jumped off and was waiting for me. I leaped of the rock and started flapping my arms and started moving towards Grayson. "The others have gone to look for for some survivors on the island". "Do you know where they headed". "No. We're gonna have to look for them". "Okay" I said and we were off.

Flying felt amazing. Being able to see for ever. I felt light and that could fly for ever. I had my eye out for the others which didn't seem as hard because I was high in the sky and could see for ever. I looked around in each corner of the island looking for Marek, Josiah and Jordan. "Grayson their there" I said while pointing over at them, far away in the distance. He squinted to where I was pointing and said that he was confident that it was them. So we flew as fast as we could over to them curious to see if they had found anyone. When we arrived we discovered that they hadn't found anyone. "We haven't been in that half of the island yet" said Marek. "Do you want Grayson and I to go look over there". Yeah. That will be good". We flew approximately 50 meters from the ground so that we could see a bigger area. We looked and looked. We found no one.

Have you had any luck I said to the others when I had flown back to them. "Nah. What about you". "Nothing" I answered. "Let's stop" I said. "Yeah". I looked over at the far corner of the island where no one had searched. On top of the hill was a huge pyramid that I had heard nothing about. "You guys. come over here. They flew to me and looked of in the distance at where my finger was pointing. "Wow" said Grayson. "Let's go and look at it". We flew over to the pyramid which we hadn't been to before. It took about three minutes for us to fly there. When we arrived we landed on our feet and had a little look around the gold, sandy pyramid.

It was getting darker by the minute so we decided to lay down under a a bunch of trees and went to sleeping wondering what mystery lay in the center of the pyramid.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 8

I woke up almost exactly were I lay down last night. I could just see the outline of my hand. Being a ghost was almost like being human except no one could see, touch or hear you. Josiah was rolling around on the ground probably because being a ghost was a huge change. He opened his eyes and stared at me. "Man" he sighed. "I thought all yesterday was a dream but know" he sat there in silence. I looked over at the huge tree behind Josiah and could just see the outline of a foot. "Josiah. Come over here". He followed me behind the tree and there I saw, Jordan sleeping on the ground and Grayson a couple of meters behind him. "Thank goodness" I said. I ran over to Jordan and started shaking his head. He woke up but was still half asleep. "We found you guys" I said excitedly. It was much much easier to walk being a ghost. I felt as light as a feather. Josiah ran over to Grayson and woke him up as well. I felt so light. I thought that I could do anything. Flying was the first thing that came to my head. I wanted to fly. I walked over to a rock that was firmly planted in the ground. It was a meter high and was something I felt comfortable of jumping off. I stood on top of it and prepared to jump of.

I leaped of pretending that my legs were springs and left the rock. 'Please, please' I thought as I leaped of the rock. I opened my eyes while in mid air. My arms were flapping like crazy. I was not coming down. "you guys" I called to the others. They turned and saw me in mid air flying. I was slowly moving higher and higher. By now I was above the trees and I could just see the mountain in the bottom right corner of the island. I was gaining speed and was moving at a reasonable passe. I did a sharp turn in the air and flew back towards the others and landed smoothly on the ground. By now the others were all ready standing on the rocks and were about to leap of. 'Just spring of the rock and flap your arms as fast as you can". Grayson was first. As he leaped of the rock I couldn't help but laugh at how funny he looked. He was flapping his arms as fast as he could and he slowly started moving upwards. Jordan was up next and did the exact same as Grayson which made me laugh again. Josiah new exactly what to do and jumped of the rock and did everything perfect and started moving up. Three ghosts flying around in the sky. They all flew down almost at the exact same time.

"Wow" said Grayson. "I feel so free". Tomorrow we should all fly around the island looking for other people. Josiah yawned. I think we should go to bed now. We opened our back packs and pulled out our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 7

"Ben, Ben, Ben". I could faintly hear someone saying my name. I opened my eyes and there I saw Marek, Jordan, Josiah and Grayson standing in a circle staring down at me. "What". "We've been trying to wake you up for almost a half hour. We've wanted to look for other people that have survived the plane crash. "Sorry" I said as I hopped out of my sleeping bag. "Have there been any strange things out have come across during your time on Matainui island" I mentioned. "Don't you know the secret to Matainui" they said. "No, what secret". "Well this island is in the future and is controlled by aliens". "Wow" I stuttered. "That's not all. The island is covered by a huge force field which would explain the plane crash". "Why have the aliens covered this island" I asked. "Because the aliens have put a force field on all the sustainable islands around the world so that they won't die out". "Oh. All the pieces are starting to come together now". "Let's go look for the others" I asked.

We were walking down the hill slowly listening to the quiet sound of what seemed to be a water fall. I was curious and so were the expressions on their faces. "You guys, come over here, follow me" I whispered. I followed the soft sound of the water fall. We walked past some big trees and around some bushes then we were there. It was a huge waterfall with a weird blue type of colour. It was surrounded by trees. The rocks behind the waterfall were covered in long green vines that almost made the wall invisible. 'That water looks nice and cool' I thought. "Who wants a swim" I suggested. "Not really" said Josiah. "Yeah. It will probably change us into some type of magical creature". "Sure sure" I said. I dropped my bag on their dirt and started walking towards the small pond where the water from the water fall was sitting. "That blue water doesn't look very appealing" said Jordan. "What are you talking about". I walked straight into the water and dived under.

I came out of the water just fine. "Phew" said the others as they saw me come out alive. "Come in its cold and refreshing". I dived under again. This time my mouth was open and some water went into my mouth. I accidentally swallowed the water. I came out of the water letting out a yell. "Ewwwwwww" I said. I started to get really dizzy and fell back almost instantly. I sunk to the bottom of the pond. It went all black. I woke up and strangely I was standing at the top of the cliff were the water fall started. "You guys" I yelled down at the others. They stood with blank looks on their faces. They weren't staring at me. They were staring straight into the pond, aimlessly. There was a sharp pain in my left leg. I looked down at it and couldn't see anything. Nothing was there.

I was invisible. No one could see me. I looked down at the others who still had confused looks on their faces. I could just hear what they were saying to each other. "Should we swallow some of the water so we go were ever Ben goes" said Grayson. "Are you crazy" said Jordan. "You don't know where he went or what he turned into". "We are taking a risk" said Josiah. "You can do what ever you want to do" said Jordan. "Okay" said Josiah as he turned away from the others and headed towards the pond. "Don't, don't" I yelled. Unfortunately they couldn't hear me. He lay down in the water then opened his mouth and vanished. Grayson said something to Jordan that I couldn't hear. Then he ran into the water and did the exact same as Josiah and vanished. Jordan stood there for about five minutes. Then walked into the pond and lay down in the water on his back. He started sinking then disappeared.

"Ben". I turned and could just see the outline of his Josiah's body. He had turned into a ghost as well which probably meant that Jordan and Grayson had transformed as well. "You really didn't have to do what you did". "To late now" he joked. "Should we look for the others" he asked. "Nah it's getting late and I'm feeling a bit tired. "Okay" he agreed. We found a nice flat area which was where we went to sleep.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Return To Matainui Day-6

Early the next morning we set of to look for the others. The weather was still bad with pouring rain and fog. "Where should we head for" I mentioned. "How about the huge mountain at the top of the island" Jordan suggested. "Okay" we agreed. We head for the mountain in the top corner of the island which we estimated would be a 2-3 hour walk. It was very strange without the repetitive voice of Asser behind me. I happened to notice quit a few big holes in the ground which made me curious. I told the others to wait a second. I crouched down on my hands and knees in the wet mud and put my face deep into the hole. I could just hear a faint crunching sound which was followed by a loud sharp crunching sound. We started digging all curious of what lay deep down in the hole. I told the guys to stop and let me have a look down the hole. I looked down then suddenly a huge worm shaped creature sprung right towards we. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to move out of the way. The creature flew straight up in the air and came zooming down onto Mareks head. He let out a huge painful scream and fell down onto his side. We ran over to Marek. "Are you all right" yelled Jordan. Silence...

"Marek" I screamed. He lay dead still. 'Oh know' I thought. He better not be dead. Jordan crouched down and started shaking Mareks head around in circles. He continued this for a couple of minutes. We saw his eyes slowly open. "Marek Marek" we yelled. "Say something". "What just happened" he stuttered with one eye half shut. We pointed at the creature wobbling around in the wet mud. "That landed flat on top of your head" I told him. "really" He said. "Yes. Can you stand up" I asked. He started standing up but was struggling by the looks on his face. He was just able to walk so we decided to take it easy.

We approached the huge mountain we were aiming for. Marek had overcome the huge worm creature and was now walking easily. We looked around the bottom of the mountain to check if anyone from the crash was there. The walk was long. We approached more and more holes full of disgusting worms. We walked up to a dead end. "What do you call this" said Jordan. "A dead end" I laughed. "No time for joking around here. We must find a way out". There was no way we could get past the huge brick wall covered in vines so decided to head back then turn and go around the outside of the brick wall. We walked around the outside of the wall and started walking up the mountain. "Hey Ben" I heard from behind me. I turned around and there I saw was Josiah and Grayson. I ran down a couple of meters to them. Marek and Josiah followed with huge smiles on their faces. They couldn't stop yabbering about their time having to survive on the island. They were both about to travel to the top of the mountain like us so we decided to walk with them. They were so thrilled to see us.

A the top of the mountain we discovered a large flat area which was where we were gong to camp untill tomorrow. We started setting up the Assers tent which reminded me about what happened to Asser. "Hey guys" I said. "Um, two days ago I got turned into a tree". "Wow cool" they both said. "Well not really". "Why?" said Josiah. "Because when I was a tree the only way for me to turn human again was for someone else to sacrifice their life for me". They both exchanged frightened looks on their faces. "Who did it?" they both asked. "Asser". They stood there in shock.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 5

I woke up soaking wet. This was the first day on Matainui Island that it had been raining. I got up and shook of all the dew on my leafs. I looked over at the spaceship still confused on how it landed there. I walked over to the spaceship to take a closer look. "Hi Ben" I heard from the left of me. It was Jordan. "Hi" I answered. "We've gotta find a way for you to be human again." "Well Asser did say he would sacrifice his life for me last night but, I will feel very guilty". We'll see what happens" Jordan said. "Are the others awake". "No not yet". Wake them up and tell them to get ready for a trip down the mountain. They came out after about 5 minutes. All dressed. We started walking down the mountain. 'I hope we all come back as human' I thought.

We arrived at the circle of living trees and talked to the trees. They explained once more that there was no other way I could be turned human again. "Just kill me" said Asser. "No, you really don't have to" I explained. "I will" he said. The other trees said "are you sure". "Yes" he said. They walked up to him and surrounded him. They moved away and he had vanished. "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" I yelled. 'He really didn't have to do that' I thought. "Your turn" said the trees. I walked into the middle of the trees. They surrounded me. I closed my eyes hopping Asser hadn't sacrificed his life for nothing. I opened my eyes. "You're back" yelled Marek. Yay I was back to my usual self but remembering Asser and how he sacrificed his life for me left a sharp pain of guilt in my stomach.

On the way back up the mountain I discovered a small hunting knife which I thought would come in handy. I decided to keep it and maybe kill something to eat for tomorrow. I walked a couple of meters behind Jordan and Marek. "Grrrrr". A huge wolf appeared from behind a tree and ran straight to Marek. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to grab the knife out of my pocket and threw it straight at the wolf. It hit the wolf bang on the head. The wolf let out a painful growl and fell flat it's back. "Wow that was a close one" said Marek. We all have to be extremely careful here on this island. So many strange things have happened.

Later that night Jordan mentioned about all the other students from our class that must be somewhere and hopefully on this island, alive. W decided that tomorrow we were going to set out and find them. Marek took the knife of me and started to skin the wolf which I had dragged slowly up the hill. Marek also cooked up the wolf. We ate some and it was delicious. "I want some more" said Jordan eagerly. "Nope, no more until tomorrow"said Marek. We settled down and lay in bed. I closed my eyes and thought about how lucky I was to be human.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 4

I woke up forgetting I was a tree. Thinking how I was going to live the rest of my life. I had to find my friends. I set of towards the mountain which was where I thought they would be. Walking was hard, tiring and painful. But I kept going step after step.
As I reached the bottom of the mountain I remembered the huge steps leading to the top. It was alright getting up them as a human but as a tree it was a whole another story as I discovered. I tried to climb but it failed. So I jumped and pulled myself up with all my might. I made it! 'Yay' I thought as I stood up. But remembering that there was about 29 more to go.

At the 5th to top step I sat down for about 10 minutes breathing heavily. I kept going hoping my friends were at the top. I did not want to get to the top and discover my friends were not there. I arrived at the top and thumped on the door. Asser opened the door then looked straight at me. "Guys come here" he called. They came running then stopped suddenly at the door. I said slowly "I am Ben". They stood there with blank looks on their faces. "Oh my gosh" said Marek. "This has got to a dream" said Jordan. "Well it's not" I answered. "H-h-h-how did you turn into a tree" Asser stuttered. "Well I got surrounded by a group of trees then it went blank and I woke up and I was a tree". "How do you turn back to a human"? Marek questioned. "Well that's the problem. I have no idea if I will ever be able to walk on two feet again". "We have to find out a way to transform you back to a human" said Marek. "I know" I said. " I should go back down to were a got turned into a tree and see if those same trees are there. "Okay" said Marek. "I don't think that will work". 'I may as well try' I thought. I said I would be back in about two hours. I found it much easier walking down the mountain that up. But it was still reasonably challenging.

As I reached the bottom of the mountain I tried to remember the way to where I was turned into a tree. I could just recall the route to the circle where I got surrounded by trees. I noticed as I arrived at the circle where I got surrounded by the trees that there were a lot of trees moving around and talking. I interrupted their conversations and said "HEY"! To get their attention. They all turned and stared straight at me with disturbed looks on their faces."What one of them said from the back of the big group. "Does anyone know how to turn a tree back into a normal human being. "Well there is one way" said a huge tree standing right in front of me. The only way of being a human again is to have someone sacrifice their life for you. "Are you sure there is no other easier way. "No" he said. "Okay thank you for your time everyone". I walked back to the mountain. 'This is definitely going to be my last trip up the mountain for today' I thought.

My friends were waiting for me inside the spaceship. "Well" they said. " The only way for me to turn back human again is for someone to sacrifice their life for me. "Bags not" said Jordan sarcastically. "Haha". "I will think about it" said Asser. "Are you serious" I said surprisingly. "Well yeah. I am serious". "I'm gonna go to bed" said Jordan. "Me to" said Marek. "We all decided to go to bed and think about everything tomorrow. Unfortunately I had to sleep alone outside with all the other trees.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 3

I woke up starving with drool down the side of my check. I decided to try and get back to sleep but struggled to while listening to the grumbles inside my stomach. I yawned a few times then decided to get up. I stretched and looked around to discover that no one else was awake. I snuck swiftly towards the Moa waiting calling my name from inside Asser's back pack. I stuck my hand inside the bag and ripped of a chunk of Moa. I stuck it straight into my mouth and started chewing. 'Ewwww' I thought as I spat it straight out of my mouth onto the floor. It was rock hard and cold. My hunger controlled me. I had to eat. So I put the Moa back into my mouth and chewed slowly. Jordan woke up next followed by Marek. I could hear a loud sound coming from in the corner of the room. I stared over there and saw Asser lying with wide open while snoring. I threw my bag on top of him and surprisingly he stopped snoring, but continued to sleep. I couldn't help but go for a wonder down the mountain. So I did. I had gone down three of the huge steps by now then saw a strange shadow in the through the trees. It kind of looked like the creature I saw on the first day on the beach shore. I decided to look a bit closer so I took a few steps forward. Crunch, scratch, the leaves stared to move ferociously. A huge arm appeared straight at me. I tried to duck but it was to late. The sharp claws came right in front of my head, grabbed it and pulled me into the trees. I just managed to get up and run towards the third to the top step. I jumped up it puffing furiously. I thought for a moment about what it could have been that attacked me. 'Probably a bear or a lion' I thought. I kept walking but something stopped me. I turned around but all it was was a twig caught in my shirt. I was ten metres away from the spaceship when I was strangely stopped again. This time I was definite I hadn't walked into any twigs. 'Weird' I thought as I started walking towards the spaceship.

"Somethings not right" I mentioned to the others as I stood in the spaceship. They were all awake by now but still lying in there sleeping bags. "How come" Marek Whispered. "Well I went for a wonder down the mountain and some creature thing attacked me, and on the way up I got stopped by a twig that had got caught in my shirt. "Are you all right" said Asser. "Yeah I just managed to scurry away unharmed.
Later on that day we all decided to walk down towards the beach shore for a nice relaxing swim. We thought about having a race to the beach but it was a bit to dangerous so we decided not to. The others ran once we could see the clear water. I just kept walking thing about the strange things that were occurring on Matainui island. Ouch! A stick went straight into my back. I turned then fainted.

I woke up in a circle of dry land. I sat up and looked around. I was surrounded by trees which reminded me about what I had seen earlier. 'This must be a dream' I thought. The trees were calm, not moving a bit. I stood up and walked towards the trees. I tried to escape but it was impossible. "Help" I yelled. The trees started to move. They turned around and faced me. They had faces and a few were drooling from the mouth. They moved closer and closer. "Help" I yelled once more. They all surrounded me. 'I'm doomed' I thought. It went black. My face was being munched by hungry trees. I woke up looking over the beach. I looked at myself and I was completely covered in bark. I'm a tree! The three words repeating over and over in my mind. 'I've gotta get help' I thought. I looked at the sea and could not see them anywhere. I went to hunt for them, but couldn't find them. I decided to go to sleep and hope that I will have better luck finding them tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Return to Matainui Day 2

I woke up and unzipped the tent. I stood up outside on the beach and had a huge stretch. I looked up at the sky and the black clouds had seemed to have passed. The sun was rising as I walked back towards the tent. I lay back down in my sleeping bag staring out at the horizon waiting for the others to wake up. "Ben" whispered Jordan. "What, how long have you been awake for?" I asked. "Well, I had a very bad night and struggled to get to sleep". said Jordan. "Should we wake up the others" I asked. "Nah" said Jordan, let's let them have a sleep in. 'I'm hungry, I hope I have some food left from yesterday' I thought as I opened my lunch box. 'Yus' I thought, I've got some juicy grapes left. I started eating them as Marek and Asser woke up almost simultaneously. "Oh Man" said Asser disappointed. I was hoping all of yesterday was a dream. Marek hopped outside the tent and walked down to the water and washed his face. I could hear the sound of birds chirping away in the trees which was interrupted by a loud rustling sound. "What's that" said Asser. "dunno" said Jordan. I turned around and saw it, it was a huge Moa!

"What should we do" I yelled. No one replied. I turned to Marek who was running to his bag. "What are you doing" said Asser. I'm going to catch it, come with me. "No Thanks" said Jordan. We watched in terror as Marek ran with his knife into the bush, chasing after the Moa. I hope he comes out alive" Asser said sarcastically. Marek chased it for a couple of minutes then said "I need help guys". "Okay" I said looking at Jordan's frightened face. "I will as well" said Jordan with a quivery sound to his voice. We turned to Asser, "what" he said surprisingly. "Come on" said Jordan. "Nah" Asser said lazily. We helped for about 4 minutes until we had surrounded it. Marek pulled out his knife and took one swing with the knife then another two until the Moa was lying dead still on the ground. "We've killed it!" Marek yelled to Asser. Asser started making a fire as Marek, Jordan and I took a leg each and heaved it towards the tent where Asser was starting the fire. 'It was a huge Moa, about 80kgs' I thought as we struggled to pull it towards the fire. Asser had just got the fire started as we approached the fire. "Let's skin it" said Marek eagerly. "Ummm no thanks" said Asser as we turned our heads and waited for the the sounds of guts spraying everywhere. After a couple minutes of torture the Moa was ready to be cooked. Marek had cut up certain pieces of the Moa poked a stick through it and slowly turned it until the Moa had turned to a juicy red piece of meat. I could hear my stomach rumbling like an angry Gorilla. Finally the meat was ready, and after I had finished my first delicious mouthful I could not believe how much food was going to mean to us while stranded on the island.

After finishing the Moa we all lay down with a full stomach and talked about what we were going to do for the rest of the day. "Hmmmm" said Jordan. "I wonder where everyone from our class is" he questioned. "We should explore the island" I said. "Okay" said Asser with excitement. "Lets go" said Marek. "I wonder how big the island is" stated Jordan as we struggled to stand up after the huge meal. We started our walk along the soft sand on the beach. We decided as we arrived at the mountain that we were going to walk over the sharp rocks at the base of the hill. 'Lucky we were wearing shoes when the plane crashed' I thought. It was a long hard walk and after about 10 minutes we had to stop for a rest. We sat down on the rocks facing the sea. The sun was blazing down on us. "I wanna swim' said Marek as Jordan walked to the edge of the cliff. "Hey guys come over here" he exclaimed. We ran to the edge of the cliff and looked over the edge and saw two bags that looked kind of like mine and Jordan's. "Hopefully they are" said Marek as he turned and leaned over the small cliff. "I'm gonna get them" he said determinedly as he scurried down the rocky cliff face. "Are they ours" I yelled as he walked towards the bag. "Yes" he screamed back at us.

We were now walking with our bags on our backs around the side of the mountain towards the beach where hopefully, we would find some survivors of the plane crash. As we arrived we had a little look around and could not see anyone from the plane crash so we dumped our bags by a tree and collapsed on the sand and pulled out the left overs from the Moa. We had lost a lot of energy in the walk. Asser pulled out his flint and started another blazing fire, which the Moa was placed on just to heat up. We were eating peacefully until Jordan yelled "look at that". He was staring up at the sky which made me turn my head and what I saw appeared to be a silver circle shaped UFO. "WOW" said Asser, look at that. "What the" said Marek. The strange object flew straight into the trees on the mountain. "I wonder what that is" questioned Jordan. "I want to go check that out" said Asser. "Well, why don't we" I said. "Okay" we all decided and we were off!

As we approached the mountain it was not as we had expected. The mountain was not a straight up hill as we thought. It was like a huge case of stairs 5 feet high and covered in bush. We new it was going to be hard to reach the top before night time. We started our climb which was hard and very tiring. We were now almost at the top of the mountain. We climbed one more steep then decided that we were going to camp here for the night. We all collapsed with exhaustion, then started setting up the tents. We sat down and pulled out the Moa. It was cold but delicious after a huge walk. I was eating and heard a humming sound. 'Must be a bird' I thought. "Can you hear that" said Jordan. "Yeah" I said. I was starting to think of different possibilities then realised that It was most likely the silver cylinder we saw earlier. Marek started walking away from us. "What are you doing" I said. "Going to check it out" He said enthusiastically. "Okay" said Jordan. But you have to be careful and be back here in 5. We were talking for a while about all the strange things that had happened during our time at Matainui. Marek came running back through he trees and said speedily,

"you guys you won't believe it. I got to the top of the mountain and there was a big square room full of controls and stuff. Haylee was there".He said still puffing.

"Did you get in" I said demanding an answer.

"Yes, but I got kicked out cause I tried to attack them".

"You what!" Asser said.

"I tried to attack them so we could take control"

Let's go" Marek said enthusiastically.

We all started up the mountain. Step after step. As we arrived at the huge square shaped building Marek ran up to the glass doors and pounded his fists against the doors. The doors opened slowly and Marek ran in. I followed them in and saw something I was totally unexpecting. All the walls were invisible! I could see right through every wall in the building. 'WOW' I thought as I stared through the invisible walls out at the trees. "Is this some type of spaceship" Asser questioned. "I think so" she said. "We discovered it yesterday" she repeated. "Well" said Asser. "Can we stay here"? "Hmmmm" said Maddi. They turned and huddled around in a circle beside a huge table covered with controls and discussed whether we could stay there with them. They finally turned around with smiles on their faces and said that it was okay for us to stay.

I went to bed that night wondering how this spaceship had landed on the top of the mountain.

The 10 Items I am taking to the Matainui island

The 10 Items I am taking to the Matainui island are:

1. A Sleeping Bag
2. A Hunting Knife
3. A Hatchet
4. A Fishing Rod
5. A Ball Of Nylon
6. A Two Litre Camel Back
7. A 25 Foot Tarpaulin
8. A Swan Dry
9. A 5 litre metal bucket
10. A Hammer

Monday, October 19, 2009

Return To Matainui - Day 1

As I walked towards the small seaplane floating on the calm water, I was wondering how it would be possible to fit our class in the plane. I heard a small voice which sounded familiar saying "all aboard". I was wondering who it could have been. Then Asser yelled at the top of his lungs "that's Sam". "What", I said with terror, Sam's definitely too young to be a pilot. No one seemed to mind as we boarded the plane. I sat down next to the window, daydreaming of the Matainui island our class was traveling to. I was frightened by the sudden rumble of the motor. We were slowly turning out of the dock and were heading towards the horizon. We were gaining speed then left the water and we were off.

I was bored after the first five minutes of beautiful scenery. Then I turned to my two friends sitting in the seats behind me. They seemed to have forgotten that there was an 11 year old at the wheel of the plane! I had noticed Sam, as pilot, had been flying pretty comfortably throughout the flight until the plane tipped suddenly to the left then evened out. Wow! "Must have been a huge gust of wind" said Jordan. I was staring out the window at the blue sky. You just couldn't ask for better weather, I thought. But when I turned my head and looked out the window to the right all I could see was dark dangerous looking clouds. "We seem to be heading into some horrible weather. Please fasten your seat belt" said the pilot through the microphone. "Oh dear" said Asser from behind, staring out at the thick dark clouds. Everyone was fastening their seat belts as quickly as they could. As we approached the clouds it slowly became darker inside the plane. Five Minutes had pasted and you could now hear the rain taping on the roof of the plane sounding as if mice were scurrying across the surface. Everyone was sitting in the back of their seats waiting for the loud claps of thunder and flashes of lightening to begin. Suddenly, the nightmare began.

BOOM, the thunder roared like a lion. The expressions on every ones faces told me that they were frightened. FLASH, a quick lightening bolt zapped past the window next to me making everyone jump out of their seats. "Please stay calm" said the pilot of the little seaplane. I started to calm down for about five minutes until another super bright flash of lightening hit the plane and sent an electric current through the plane. "Ahgggg" people screamed at the top of their lungs. Out of nowhere the plane started tipping forward at a super fast rate. I did the opposite of everyone else and took my seat belt of and lay on the ground under my seat hoping it would help. All I could hear was the high pitched screams from the terrified passengers on board. About 30 seconds had past and we were still heading down. Where doomed I thought. I lay there with my head flat on it's side thinking about my family, but was interrupted when my head slowly lifted of the ground. 'What' I thought. Then my legs slowly touched the bottom of the seat. At that point I decided that I was going to roll out from under the seat and when I did I couldn't believe my eyes. People were floating around inside the plane. I could still hear the shrill screaming. Which frightened me even more. I pulled myself down to the side window of the plane and saw a little island way out ahead. I then decided that I'm going to have to jump out. I was floating around with everyone in the cabin for about another 10 minutes until I thought that it was time to break free. I took the emergency hammer out of it's case and started smashing the window hopping it was breakable. A crack on the glass appeared so I decided to whack the window evn harder, so with all my might I swung the hammer straight at the center of the window and glass flew everywhere. Everyone stared at me with a confused face. I kept smashing the edges of the window until finally the window was completely gone. I started squeezing myself out the window feet first. "What are you doing" someone yelled from the back of the cabin. "Jumping" I said. I was now hanging out of the plane holding on with my two hands. I was waiting for the right time to let go. People were trying to pull me back into the plane but I said I have to It's my only chance of surviving. They released their grip of my arm and went back to their seats. My hands were slipping and my arms were aching which is when I decided to let go of the plane. I was gaining speed and felt like spewing. When I looked back up at the plane I could just visualize the faces of the people staring out the window. I was preparing for impact and could just see the plane above. 'Three Two One' I thought then splash! I hit the water in a pin dive. I managed to get a big enough breath to get back up. I reached the bottom of the ocean and took one huge push of the soft sand. A sharp pain went buzzing through my body, as I reached the surface I let out a painful scream. I looked down into the salty water at my left foot and saw a massive cut straight down the center of my foot. I looked up at the island and thought I may just be able to swim there before sundown. I then started my long painful swim to the island.

I was puffing but nearly there. I was being pulled around the tip of the island in a strong current which meant I could have a bit of resting time. As I got around the other side I could just see some sign of movement up on the beach which gave me hope. I started swimming speedily towards the shore. I stopped for a little rest and saw some weird shaped fins of in the distance. 'Oh no' I thought. I started swimming towards shore hoping it was someone from the plane crash. "Ben is that you" yelled someone from the shore line. "Yes" I yelled excitedly. "Is this Asser" I screamed. Yes It is.
As I reached the beach I lay down on the beach puffing and shaking. "Oh my gosh, how on earth did you get here" they said. I told them my story of arrival then listened to their storys. "Asser has a tent" said Jordan. 'Great' I thought. I went alone for a little stroll down the beach and saw an eight foot shadow in the forest. "Oh no" I said quietly to myself as I turned and sprinted back to the others. "You guys, you won't believe what I saw. It was a huge shadow in the forest". "I saw that too" said Jordan. "Ben can you go get some rocks to help set the tent down in the sand" said Marek. "Sure thing" I said.

Later that night I lay down inside the tent staring out at the horizon and couldn't help noticing the thick black clouds that appeared to be circling the island. They were about a kilometre away from the island and were closing in fast. Soon the clouds were about 100 meters of shore. 'Weird' I thought as I settled under the blankets asser brought. 'I hope tomorrow doesn't have as many strange surprises as today' I thought.