Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 9

Thump, thump. I opened my eyes to see Grayson jumping next to me. "Whats wrong with you" I said. "What's wrong with you" he replied. "You've been asleep for ages and I've been left alone to wake you up". "Well, we're are the others" I asked. They were so excited about that flying thing you discovered yesterday so they decided to give it another try. They have been gone for about half an hour. We should go look for them". I hopped out of my sleeping bag. and wondered sleepily over to the rock that I jumped of yesterday. I was still tired so I waited for a couple of minutes sitting on the rock until I was wide awake. I stood up and looked at Grayson who had all ready jumped off and was waiting for me. I leaped of the rock and started flapping my arms and started moving towards Grayson. "The others have gone to look for for some survivors on the island". "Do you know where they headed". "No. We're gonna have to look for them". "Okay" I said and we were off.

Flying felt amazing. Being able to see for ever. I felt light and that could fly for ever. I had my eye out for the others which didn't seem as hard because I was high in the sky and could see for ever. I looked around in each corner of the island looking for Marek, Josiah and Jordan. "Grayson their there" I said while pointing over at them, far away in the distance. He squinted to where I was pointing and said that he was confident that it was them. So we flew as fast as we could over to them curious to see if they had found anyone. When we arrived we discovered that they hadn't found anyone. "We haven't been in that half of the island yet" said Marek. "Do you want Grayson and I to go look over there". Yeah. That will be good". We flew approximately 50 meters from the ground so that we could see a bigger area. We looked and looked. We found no one.

Have you had any luck I said to the others when I had flown back to them. "Nah. What about you". "Nothing" I answered. "Let's stop" I said. "Yeah". I looked over at the far corner of the island where no one had searched. On top of the hill was a huge pyramid that I had heard nothing about. "You guys. come over here. They flew to me and looked of in the distance at where my finger was pointing. "Wow" said Grayson. "Let's go and look at it". We flew over to the pyramid which we hadn't been to before. It took about three minutes for us to fly there. When we arrived we landed on our feet and had a little look around the gold, sandy pyramid.

It was getting darker by the minute so we decided to lay down under a a bunch of trees and went to sleeping wondering what mystery lay in the center of the pyramid.

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