Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 5

I woke up soaking wet. This was the first day on Matainui Island that it had been raining. I got up and shook of all the dew on my leafs. I looked over at the spaceship still confused on how it landed there. I walked over to the spaceship to take a closer look. "Hi Ben" I heard from the left of me. It was Jordan. "Hi" I answered. "We've gotta find a way for you to be human again." "Well Asser did say he would sacrifice his life for me last night but, I will feel very guilty". We'll see what happens" Jordan said. "Are the others awake". "No not yet". Wake them up and tell them to get ready for a trip down the mountain. They came out after about 5 minutes. All dressed. We started walking down the mountain. 'I hope we all come back as human' I thought.

We arrived at the circle of living trees and talked to the trees. They explained once more that there was no other way I could be turned human again. "Just kill me" said Asser. "No, you really don't have to" I explained. "I will" he said. The other trees said "are you sure". "Yes" he said. They walked up to him and surrounded him. They moved away and he had vanished. "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" I yelled. 'He really didn't have to do that' I thought. "Your turn" said the trees. I walked into the middle of the trees. They surrounded me. I closed my eyes hopping Asser hadn't sacrificed his life for nothing. I opened my eyes. "You're back" yelled Marek. Yay I was back to my usual self but remembering Asser and how he sacrificed his life for me left a sharp pain of guilt in my stomach.

On the way back up the mountain I discovered a small hunting knife which I thought would come in handy. I decided to keep it and maybe kill something to eat for tomorrow. I walked a couple of meters behind Jordan and Marek. "Grrrrr". A huge wolf appeared from behind a tree and ran straight to Marek. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to grab the knife out of my pocket and threw it straight at the wolf. It hit the wolf bang on the head. The wolf let out a painful growl and fell flat it's back. "Wow that was a close one" said Marek. We all have to be extremely careful here on this island. So many strange things have happened.

Later that night Jordan mentioned about all the other students from our class that must be somewhere and hopefully on this island, alive. W decided that tomorrow we were going to set out and find them. Marek took the knife of me and started to skin the wolf which I had dragged slowly up the hill. Marek also cooked up the wolf. We ate some and it was delicious. "I want some more" said Jordan eagerly. "Nope, no more until tomorrow"said Marek. We settled down and lay in bed. I closed my eyes and thought about how lucky I was to be human.

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  1. Well if your killing wolves now your not going to like me. Wolves are carnivores, they don't taste nice the meat is hard and stringy. Also if I was human I would use the wolf skin as bedding as its soft and fluffy.