Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 8

I woke up almost exactly were I lay down last night. I could just see the outline of my hand. Being a ghost was almost like being human except no one could see, touch or hear you. Josiah was rolling around on the ground probably because being a ghost was a huge change. He opened his eyes and stared at me. "Man" he sighed. "I thought all yesterday was a dream but know" he sat there in silence. I looked over at the huge tree behind Josiah and could just see the outline of a foot. "Josiah. Come over here". He followed me behind the tree and there I saw, Jordan sleeping on the ground and Grayson a couple of meters behind him. "Thank goodness" I said. I ran over to Jordan and started shaking his head. He woke up but was still half asleep. "We found you guys" I said excitedly. It was much much easier to walk being a ghost. I felt as light as a feather. Josiah ran over to Grayson and woke him up as well. I felt so light. I thought that I could do anything. Flying was the first thing that came to my head. I wanted to fly. I walked over to a rock that was firmly planted in the ground. It was a meter high and was something I felt comfortable of jumping off. I stood on top of it and prepared to jump of.

I leaped of pretending that my legs were springs and left the rock. 'Please, please' I thought as I leaped of the rock. I opened my eyes while in mid air. My arms were flapping like crazy. I was not coming down. "you guys" I called to the others. They turned and saw me in mid air flying. I was slowly moving higher and higher. By now I was above the trees and I could just see the mountain in the bottom right corner of the island. I was gaining speed and was moving at a reasonable passe. I did a sharp turn in the air and flew back towards the others and landed smoothly on the ground. By now the others were all ready standing on the rocks and were about to leap of. 'Just spring of the rock and flap your arms as fast as you can". Grayson was first. As he leaped of the rock I couldn't help but laugh at how funny he looked. He was flapping his arms as fast as he could and he slowly started moving upwards. Jordan was up next and did the exact same as Grayson which made me laugh again. Josiah new exactly what to do and jumped of the rock and did everything perfect and started moving up. Three ghosts flying around in the sky. They all flew down almost at the exact same time.

"Wow" said Grayson. "I feel so free". Tomorrow we should all fly around the island looking for other people. Josiah yawned. I think we should go to bed now. We opened our back packs and pulled out our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

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