Sunday, November 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 3

I woke up starving with drool down the side of my check. I decided to try and get back to sleep but struggled to while listening to the grumbles inside my stomach. I yawned a few times then decided to get up. I stretched and looked around to discover that no one else was awake. I snuck swiftly towards the Moa waiting calling my name from inside Asser's back pack. I stuck my hand inside the bag and ripped of a chunk of Moa. I stuck it straight into my mouth and started chewing. 'Ewwww' I thought as I spat it straight out of my mouth onto the floor. It was rock hard and cold. My hunger controlled me. I had to eat. So I put the Moa back into my mouth and chewed slowly. Jordan woke up next followed by Marek. I could hear a loud sound coming from in the corner of the room. I stared over there and saw Asser lying with wide open while snoring. I threw my bag on top of him and surprisingly he stopped snoring, but continued to sleep. I couldn't help but go for a wonder down the mountain. So I did. I had gone down three of the huge steps by now then saw a strange shadow in the through the trees. It kind of looked like the creature I saw on the first day on the beach shore. I decided to look a bit closer so I took a few steps forward. Crunch, scratch, the leaves stared to move ferociously. A huge arm appeared straight at me. I tried to duck but it was to late. The sharp claws came right in front of my head, grabbed it and pulled me into the trees. I just managed to get up and run towards the third to the top step. I jumped up it puffing furiously. I thought for a moment about what it could have been that attacked me. 'Probably a bear or a lion' I thought. I kept walking but something stopped me. I turned around but all it was was a twig caught in my shirt. I was ten metres away from the spaceship when I was strangely stopped again. This time I was definite I hadn't walked into any twigs. 'Weird' I thought as I started walking towards the spaceship.

"Somethings not right" I mentioned to the others as I stood in the spaceship. They were all awake by now but still lying in there sleeping bags. "How come" Marek Whispered. "Well I went for a wonder down the mountain and some creature thing attacked me, and on the way up I got stopped by a twig that had got caught in my shirt. "Are you all right" said Asser. "Yeah I just managed to scurry away unharmed.
Later on that day we all decided to walk down towards the beach shore for a nice relaxing swim. We thought about having a race to the beach but it was a bit to dangerous so we decided not to. The others ran once we could see the clear water. I just kept walking thing about the strange things that were occurring on Matainui island. Ouch! A stick went straight into my back. I turned then fainted.

I woke up in a circle of dry land. I sat up and looked around. I was surrounded by trees which reminded me about what I had seen earlier. 'This must be a dream' I thought. The trees were calm, not moving a bit. I stood up and walked towards the trees. I tried to escape but it was impossible. "Help" I yelled. The trees started to move. They turned around and faced me. They had faces and a few were drooling from the mouth. They moved closer and closer. "Help" I yelled once more. They all surrounded me. 'I'm doomed' I thought. It went black. My face was being munched by hungry trees. I woke up looking over the beach. I looked at myself and I was completely covered in bark. I'm a tree! The three words repeating over and over in my mind. 'I've gotta get help' I thought. I looked at the sea and could not see them anywhere. I went to hunt for them, but couldn't find them. I decided to go to sleep and hope that I will have better luck finding them tomorrow.

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