Sunday, November 29, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 7

"Ben, Ben, Ben". I could faintly hear someone saying my name. I opened my eyes and there I saw Marek, Jordan, Josiah and Grayson standing in a circle staring down at me. "What". "We've been trying to wake you up for almost a half hour. We've wanted to look for other people that have survived the plane crash. "Sorry" I said as I hopped out of my sleeping bag. "Have there been any strange things out have come across during your time on Matainui island" I mentioned. "Don't you know the secret to Matainui" they said. "No, what secret". "Well this island is in the future and is controlled by aliens". "Wow" I stuttered. "That's not all. The island is covered by a huge force field which would explain the plane crash". "Why have the aliens covered this island" I asked. "Because the aliens have put a force field on all the sustainable islands around the world so that they won't die out". "Oh. All the pieces are starting to come together now". "Let's go look for the others" I asked.

We were walking down the hill slowly listening to the quiet sound of what seemed to be a water fall. I was curious and so were the expressions on their faces. "You guys, come over here, follow me" I whispered. I followed the soft sound of the water fall. We walked past some big trees and around some bushes then we were there. It was a huge waterfall with a weird blue type of colour. It was surrounded by trees. The rocks behind the waterfall were covered in long green vines that almost made the wall invisible. 'That water looks nice and cool' I thought. "Who wants a swim" I suggested. "Not really" said Josiah. "Yeah. It will probably change us into some type of magical creature". "Sure sure" I said. I dropped my bag on their dirt and started walking towards the small pond where the water from the water fall was sitting. "That blue water doesn't look very appealing" said Jordan. "What are you talking about". I walked straight into the water and dived under.

I came out of the water just fine. "Phew" said the others as they saw me come out alive. "Come in its cold and refreshing". I dived under again. This time my mouth was open and some water went into my mouth. I accidentally swallowed the water. I came out of the water letting out a yell. "Ewwwwwww" I said. I started to get really dizzy and fell back almost instantly. I sunk to the bottom of the pond. It went all black. I woke up and strangely I was standing at the top of the cliff were the water fall started. "You guys" I yelled down at the others. They stood with blank looks on their faces. They weren't staring at me. They were staring straight into the pond, aimlessly. There was a sharp pain in my left leg. I looked down at it and couldn't see anything. Nothing was there.

I was invisible. No one could see me. I looked down at the others who still had confused looks on their faces. I could just hear what they were saying to each other. "Should we swallow some of the water so we go were ever Ben goes" said Grayson. "Are you crazy" said Jordan. "You don't know where he went or what he turned into". "We are taking a risk" said Josiah. "You can do what ever you want to do" said Jordan. "Okay" said Josiah as he turned away from the others and headed towards the pond. "Don't, don't" I yelled. Unfortunately they couldn't hear me. He lay down in the water then opened his mouth and vanished. Grayson said something to Jordan that I couldn't hear. Then he ran into the water and did the exact same as Josiah and vanished. Jordan stood there for about five minutes. Then walked into the pond and lay down in the water on his back. He started sinking then disappeared.

"Ben". I turned and could just see the outline of his Josiah's body. He had turned into a ghost as well which probably meant that Jordan and Grayson had transformed as well. "You really didn't have to do what you did". "To late now" he joked. "Should we look for the others" he asked. "Nah it's getting late and I'm feeling a bit tired. "Okay" he agreed. We found a nice flat area which was where we went to sleep.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Return To Matainui Day-6

Early the next morning we set of to look for the others. The weather was still bad with pouring rain and fog. "Where should we head for" I mentioned. "How about the huge mountain at the top of the island" Jordan suggested. "Okay" we agreed. We head for the mountain in the top corner of the island which we estimated would be a 2-3 hour walk. It was very strange without the repetitive voice of Asser behind me. I happened to notice quit a few big holes in the ground which made me curious. I told the others to wait a second. I crouched down on my hands and knees in the wet mud and put my face deep into the hole. I could just hear a faint crunching sound which was followed by a loud sharp crunching sound. We started digging all curious of what lay deep down in the hole. I told the guys to stop and let me have a look down the hole. I looked down then suddenly a huge worm shaped creature sprung right towards we. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to move out of the way. The creature flew straight up in the air and came zooming down onto Mareks head. He let out a huge painful scream and fell down onto his side. We ran over to Marek. "Are you all right" yelled Jordan. Silence...

"Marek" I screamed. He lay dead still. 'Oh know' I thought. He better not be dead. Jordan crouched down and started shaking Mareks head around in circles. He continued this for a couple of minutes. We saw his eyes slowly open. "Marek Marek" we yelled. "Say something". "What just happened" he stuttered with one eye half shut. We pointed at the creature wobbling around in the wet mud. "That landed flat on top of your head" I told him. "really" He said. "Yes. Can you stand up" I asked. He started standing up but was struggling by the looks on his face. He was just able to walk so we decided to take it easy.

We approached the huge mountain we were aiming for. Marek had overcome the huge worm creature and was now walking easily. We looked around the bottom of the mountain to check if anyone from the crash was there. The walk was long. We approached more and more holes full of disgusting worms. We walked up to a dead end. "What do you call this" said Jordan. "A dead end" I laughed. "No time for joking around here. We must find a way out". There was no way we could get past the huge brick wall covered in vines so decided to head back then turn and go around the outside of the brick wall. We walked around the outside of the wall and started walking up the mountain. "Hey Ben" I heard from behind me. I turned around and there I saw was Josiah and Grayson. I ran down a couple of meters to them. Marek and Josiah followed with huge smiles on their faces. They couldn't stop yabbering about their time having to survive on the island. They were both about to travel to the top of the mountain like us so we decided to walk with them. They were so thrilled to see us.

A the top of the mountain we discovered a large flat area which was where we were gong to camp untill tomorrow. We started setting up the Assers tent which reminded me about what happened to Asser. "Hey guys" I said. "Um, two days ago I got turned into a tree". "Wow cool" they both said. "Well not really". "Why?" said Josiah. "Because when I was a tree the only way for me to turn human again was for someone else to sacrifice their life for me". They both exchanged frightened looks on their faces. "Who did it?" they both asked. "Asser". They stood there in shock.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 5

I woke up soaking wet. This was the first day on Matainui Island that it had been raining. I got up and shook of all the dew on my leafs. I looked over at the spaceship still confused on how it landed there. I walked over to the spaceship to take a closer look. "Hi Ben" I heard from the left of me. It was Jordan. "Hi" I answered. "We've gotta find a way for you to be human again." "Well Asser did say he would sacrifice his life for me last night but, I will feel very guilty". We'll see what happens" Jordan said. "Are the others awake". "No not yet". Wake them up and tell them to get ready for a trip down the mountain. They came out after about 5 minutes. All dressed. We started walking down the mountain. 'I hope we all come back as human' I thought.

We arrived at the circle of living trees and talked to the trees. They explained once more that there was no other way I could be turned human again. "Just kill me" said Asser. "No, you really don't have to" I explained. "I will" he said. The other trees said "are you sure". "Yes" he said. They walked up to him and surrounded him. They moved away and he had vanished. "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" I yelled. 'He really didn't have to do that' I thought. "Your turn" said the trees. I walked into the middle of the trees. They surrounded me. I closed my eyes hopping Asser hadn't sacrificed his life for nothing. I opened my eyes. "You're back" yelled Marek. Yay I was back to my usual self but remembering Asser and how he sacrificed his life for me left a sharp pain of guilt in my stomach.

On the way back up the mountain I discovered a small hunting knife which I thought would come in handy. I decided to keep it and maybe kill something to eat for tomorrow. I walked a couple of meters behind Jordan and Marek. "Grrrrr". A huge wolf appeared from behind a tree and ran straight to Marek. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to grab the knife out of my pocket and threw it straight at the wolf. It hit the wolf bang on the head. The wolf let out a painful growl and fell flat it's back. "Wow that was a close one" said Marek. We all have to be extremely careful here on this island. So many strange things have happened.

Later that night Jordan mentioned about all the other students from our class that must be somewhere and hopefully on this island, alive. W decided that tomorrow we were going to set out and find them. Marek took the knife of me and started to skin the wolf which I had dragged slowly up the hill. Marek also cooked up the wolf. We ate some and it was delicious. "I want some more" said Jordan eagerly. "Nope, no more until tomorrow"said Marek. We settled down and lay in bed. I closed my eyes and thought about how lucky I was to be human.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 4

I woke up forgetting I was a tree. Thinking how I was going to live the rest of my life. I had to find my friends. I set of towards the mountain which was where I thought they would be. Walking was hard, tiring and painful. But I kept going step after step.
As I reached the bottom of the mountain I remembered the huge steps leading to the top. It was alright getting up them as a human but as a tree it was a whole another story as I discovered. I tried to climb but it failed. So I jumped and pulled myself up with all my might. I made it! 'Yay' I thought as I stood up. But remembering that there was about 29 more to go.

At the 5th to top step I sat down for about 10 minutes breathing heavily. I kept going hoping my friends were at the top. I did not want to get to the top and discover my friends were not there. I arrived at the top and thumped on the door. Asser opened the door then looked straight at me. "Guys come here" he called. They came running then stopped suddenly at the door. I said slowly "I am Ben". They stood there with blank looks on their faces. "Oh my gosh" said Marek. "This has got to a dream" said Jordan. "Well it's not" I answered. "H-h-h-how did you turn into a tree" Asser stuttered. "Well I got surrounded by a group of trees then it went blank and I woke up and I was a tree". "How do you turn back to a human"? Marek questioned. "Well that's the problem. I have no idea if I will ever be able to walk on two feet again". "We have to find out a way to transform you back to a human" said Marek. "I know" I said. " I should go back down to were a got turned into a tree and see if those same trees are there. "Okay" said Marek. "I don't think that will work". 'I may as well try' I thought. I said I would be back in about two hours. I found it much easier walking down the mountain that up. But it was still reasonably challenging.

As I reached the bottom of the mountain I tried to remember the way to where I was turned into a tree. I could just recall the route to the circle where I got surrounded by trees. I noticed as I arrived at the circle where I got surrounded by the trees that there were a lot of trees moving around and talking. I interrupted their conversations and said "HEY"! To get their attention. They all turned and stared straight at me with disturbed looks on their faces."What one of them said from the back of the big group. "Does anyone know how to turn a tree back into a normal human being. "Well there is one way" said a huge tree standing right in front of me. The only way of being a human again is to have someone sacrifice their life for you. "Are you sure there is no other easier way. "No" he said. "Okay thank you for your time everyone". I walked back to the mountain. 'This is definitely going to be my last trip up the mountain for today' I thought.

My friends were waiting for me inside the spaceship. "Well" they said. " The only way for me to turn back human again is for someone to sacrifice their life for me. "Bags not" said Jordan sarcastically. "Haha". "I will think about it" said Asser. "Are you serious" I said surprisingly. "Well yeah. I am serious". "I'm gonna go to bed" said Jordan. "Me to" said Marek. "We all decided to go to bed and think about everything tomorrow. Unfortunately I had to sleep alone outside with all the other trees.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 3

I woke up starving with drool down the side of my check. I decided to try and get back to sleep but struggled to while listening to the grumbles inside my stomach. I yawned a few times then decided to get up. I stretched and looked around to discover that no one else was awake. I snuck swiftly towards the Moa waiting calling my name from inside Asser's back pack. I stuck my hand inside the bag and ripped of a chunk of Moa. I stuck it straight into my mouth and started chewing. 'Ewwww' I thought as I spat it straight out of my mouth onto the floor. It was rock hard and cold. My hunger controlled me. I had to eat. So I put the Moa back into my mouth and chewed slowly. Jordan woke up next followed by Marek. I could hear a loud sound coming from in the corner of the room. I stared over there and saw Asser lying with wide open while snoring. I threw my bag on top of him and surprisingly he stopped snoring, but continued to sleep. I couldn't help but go for a wonder down the mountain. So I did. I had gone down three of the huge steps by now then saw a strange shadow in the through the trees. It kind of looked like the creature I saw on the first day on the beach shore. I decided to look a bit closer so I took a few steps forward. Crunch, scratch, the leaves stared to move ferociously. A huge arm appeared straight at me. I tried to duck but it was to late. The sharp claws came right in front of my head, grabbed it and pulled me into the trees. I just managed to get up and run towards the third to the top step. I jumped up it puffing furiously. I thought for a moment about what it could have been that attacked me. 'Probably a bear or a lion' I thought. I kept walking but something stopped me. I turned around but all it was was a twig caught in my shirt. I was ten metres away from the spaceship when I was strangely stopped again. This time I was definite I hadn't walked into any twigs. 'Weird' I thought as I started walking towards the spaceship.

"Somethings not right" I mentioned to the others as I stood in the spaceship. They were all awake by now but still lying in there sleeping bags. "How come" Marek Whispered. "Well I went for a wonder down the mountain and some creature thing attacked me, and on the way up I got stopped by a twig that had got caught in my shirt. "Are you all right" said Asser. "Yeah I just managed to scurry away unharmed.
Later on that day we all decided to walk down towards the beach shore for a nice relaxing swim. We thought about having a race to the beach but it was a bit to dangerous so we decided not to. The others ran once we could see the clear water. I just kept walking thing about the strange things that were occurring on Matainui island. Ouch! A stick went straight into my back. I turned then fainted.

I woke up in a circle of dry land. I sat up and looked around. I was surrounded by trees which reminded me about what I had seen earlier. 'This must be a dream' I thought. The trees were calm, not moving a bit. I stood up and walked towards the trees. I tried to escape but it was impossible. "Help" I yelled. The trees started to move. They turned around and faced me. They had faces and a few were drooling from the mouth. They moved closer and closer. "Help" I yelled once more. They all surrounded me. 'I'm doomed' I thought. It went black. My face was being munched by hungry trees. I woke up looking over the beach. I looked at myself and I was completely covered in bark. I'm a tree! The three words repeating over and over in my mind. 'I've gotta get help' I thought. I looked at the sea and could not see them anywhere. I went to hunt for them, but couldn't find them. I decided to go to sleep and hope that I will have better luck finding them tomorrow.