Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Return To Matainui Day-10

It was now the tenth exhausting day on Matainui Island and I could tell that we had all had enough. It was still very dark so I tried to get back to sleep but struggled to so I stood up and stretched. The other mornings I had been the sleepy head but today I was up early. The others looked extremely tired by the position that they were lying in. I didn't want to wake them so I went for a wonder around around the pyramid. I remembered about the huge gash under my foot from the first day were I stood on a sharp shell. The cut had almost gone. All that was left was a faint line near the heal of my foot. I took a few more steps around the out side of the pyramid then to my amazement I saw an opening. I ran speedily back to the others and yelled "wake up. Wake up" I screamed, trying to get their attention. Marek rolled over and slowly and opened his eyes and asked what I was doing screaming at them. "There is an opening tot he pyramid and I think we might be able to get in. "C'mon" I urged. "Wake Josiah up and I'll wake Jordan up". "Okay" he replied. We ran over to the opening and looked inside.

Jordan was the first on to take a step into the opening of the pyramid. Scared, frightened and nervous that something was going to take him away or suck him in. He had both feet on the ground inside the pyramid which told us that it was going to be safe enough. I followed Jordan but took a couple of more steps then him and continued walking until I had reached a huge machine that looked suspicious. "What is that" I asked the others who probably had no idea. "I dunno" they answered. Marek walked right up to it and stared at the button that said "OPEN" in big capital letters. "Press it" demanded Jordan. Marek pushed the button and watched the doors slowly slide open. They were moving really slowly and making a strange creaking sound. When the doors had finally opened Josiah walked straight into the little room that looked similar to an elevator. I stopped him just before he had taken a step into the little room. "Get of me" he argued. "You have no idea what is in there do you". "No" he replied. " I know what" said Grayson. "Lets all go in at the same time so that we all go to the same place". Good idea" said Marek. So we all walked in at the exact same time and strangely nothing happened. There was a huge button saying "press here" so we did and we heard a swirling noise and it went all black.

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