Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 11

I woke up with the sound of kids chattering. I turned my head and noticed that my whole class was sitting peacefully chatting away to others in the plane. Jordan, Marek, Grayson and Josiah were all there as well. I sat there for a few minutes, confused and feeling rather dissy. The plane was flying comfortably. 'This is weird' I thought. I saw an island out ahead which looked a bit like the view I saw from when I was a ghost. "We will be landing in a moment" I heard on the intercom. "Please fasten your seat belts. I did what he said and waited for impact.

We landed more smoothly than I expected. The plane stopped at the tip of the runway. The tree's were all dark green. Sam stepped out of the plane and people started clapping and saying thank you for the smooth ride. "Okay everyone. Gather around over here". We all walked over and for a circle around Mr Woody. "Now" he said. "Get into your groups that you had planned before the trip". I got into my group then waited for my next instruction. "And with with your survival items you are all going , in you groups, to a part of the island were you are going to set up camp and survive for 14 days". Everyone one cheered, full of excitement. "Split up to different corners of the island and set up camp". We all started heading towards different parts of the island.

We had an enjoyable walk to the top left corner of the island full of laughter and excitement. The island was exactly the same as before but seemed much more realistic. The birds were much quieter. We found a nice flat area looking out over the beautiful blue see and just a couple of meters away from the soft yellow sand. We started opening our bags and getting everything out of our bags that we needed to set up camp. The tent was set up after about 10 minutes and we had all picked our spots. We lay our sleeping bags down in the tent and because of the heat we decided to go for a nice relaxing swim. After the swim we lay down on the beach in the sizzling hot sun.

It was getting darker so we went to bed thinking how great this camp was going to be and hoping that nothing strange was going to happen.

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