Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Return To Matainui Day-6

Early the next morning we set of to look for the others. The weather was still bad with pouring rain and fog. "Where should we head for" I mentioned. "How about the huge mountain at the top of the island" Jordan suggested. "Okay" we agreed. We head for the mountain in the top corner of the island which we estimated would be a 2-3 hour walk. It was very strange without the repetitive voice of Asser behind me. I happened to notice quit a few big holes in the ground which made me curious. I told the others to wait a second. I crouched down on my hands and knees in the wet mud and put my face deep into the hole. I could just hear a faint crunching sound which was followed by a loud sharp crunching sound. We started digging all curious of what lay deep down in the hole. I told the guys to stop and let me have a look down the hole. I looked down then suddenly a huge worm shaped creature sprung right towards we. Because of my fast reflexes I just managed to move out of the way. The creature flew straight up in the air and came zooming down onto Mareks head. He let out a huge painful scream and fell down onto his side. We ran over to Marek. "Are you all right" yelled Jordan. Silence...

"Marek" I screamed. He lay dead still. 'Oh know' I thought. He better not be dead. Jordan crouched down and started shaking Mareks head around in circles. He continued this for a couple of minutes. We saw his eyes slowly open. "Marek Marek" we yelled. "Say something". "What just happened" he stuttered with one eye half shut. We pointed at the creature wobbling around in the wet mud. "That landed flat on top of your head" I told him. "really" He said. "Yes. Can you stand up" I asked. He started standing up but was struggling by the looks on his face. He was just able to walk so we decided to take it easy.

We approached the huge mountain we were aiming for. Marek had overcome the huge worm creature and was now walking easily. We looked around the bottom of the mountain to check if anyone from the crash was there. The walk was long. We approached more and more holes full of disgusting worms. We walked up to a dead end. "What do you call this" said Jordan. "A dead end" I laughed. "No time for joking around here. We must find a way out". There was no way we could get past the huge brick wall covered in vines so decided to head back then turn and go around the outside of the brick wall. We walked around the outside of the wall and started walking up the mountain. "Hey Ben" I heard from behind me. I turned around and there I saw was Josiah and Grayson. I ran down a couple of meters to them. Marek and Josiah followed with huge smiles on their faces. They couldn't stop yabbering about their time having to survive on the island. They were both about to travel to the top of the mountain like us so we decided to walk with them. They were so thrilled to see us.

A the top of the mountain we discovered a large flat area which was where we were gong to camp untill tomorrow. We started setting up the Assers tent which reminded me about what happened to Asser. "Hey guys" I said. "Um, two days ago I got turned into a tree". "Wow cool" they both said. "Well not really". "Why?" said Josiah. "Because when I was a tree the only way for me to turn human again was for someone else to sacrifice their life for me". They both exchanged frightened looks on their faces. "Who did it?" they both asked. "Asser". They stood there in shock.

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