Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 11

I woke up with the sound of kids chattering. I turned my head and noticed that my whole class was sitting peacefully chatting away to others in the plane. Jordan, Marek, Grayson and Josiah were all there as well. I sat there for a few minutes, confused and feeling rather dissy. The plane was flying comfortably. 'This is weird' I thought. I saw an island out ahead which looked a bit like the view I saw from when I was a ghost. "We will be landing in a moment" I heard on the intercom. "Please fasten your seat belts. I did what he said and waited for impact.

We landed more smoothly than I expected. The plane stopped at the tip of the runway. The tree's were all dark green. Sam stepped out of the plane and people started clapping and saying thank you for the smooth ride. "Okay everyone. Gather around over here". We all walked over and for a circle around Mr Woody. "Now" he said. "Get into your groups that you had planned before the trip". I got into my group then waited for my next instruction. "And with with your survival items you are all going , in you groups, to a part of the island were you are going to set up camp and survive for 14 days". Everyone one cheered, full of excitement. "Split up to different corners of the island and set up camp". We all started heading towards different parts of the island.

We had an enjoyable walk to the top left corner of the island full of laughter and excitement. The island was exactly the same as before but seemed much more realistic. The birds were much quieter. We found a nice flat area looking out over the beautiful blue see and just a couple of meters away from the soft yellow sand. We started opening our bags and getting everything out of our bags that we needed to set up camp. The tent was set up after about 10 minutes and we had all picked our spots. We lay our sleeping bags down in the tent and because of the heat we decided to go for a nice relaxing swim. After the swim we lay down on the beach in the sizzling hot sun.

It was getting darker so we went to bed thinking how great this camp was going to be and hoping that nothing strange was going to happen.

Return To Matainui Day-10

It was now the tenth exhausting day on Matainui Island and I could tell that we had all had enough. It was still very dark so I tried to get back to sleep but struggled to so I stood up and stretched. The other mornings I had been the sleepy head but today I was up early. The others looked extremely tired by the position that they were lying in. I didn't want to wake them so I went for a wonder around around the pyramid. I remembered about the huge gash under my foot from the first day were I stood on a sharp shell. The cut had almost gone. All that was left was a faint line near the heal of my foot. I took a few more steps around the out side of the pyramid then to my amazement I saw an opening. I ran speedily back to the others and yelled "wake up. Wake up" I screamed, trying to get their attention. Marek rolled over and slowly and opened his eyes and asked what I was doing screaming at them. "There is an opening tot he pyramid and I think we might be able to get in. "C'mon" I urged. "Wake Josiah up and I'll wake Jordan up". "Okay" he replied. We ran over to the opening and looked inside.

Jordan was the first on to take a step into the opening of the pyramid. Scared, frightened and nervous that something was going to take him away or suck him in. He had both feet on the ground inside the pyramid which told us that it was going to be safe enough. I followed Jordan but took a couple of more steps then him and continued walking until I had reached a huge machine that looked suspicious. "What is that" I asked the others who probably had no idea. "I dunno" they answered. Marek walked right up to it and stared at the button that said "OPEN" in big capital letters. "Press it" demanded Jordan. Marek pushed the button and watched the doors slowly slide open. They were moving really slowly and making a strange creaking sound. When the doors had finally opened Josiah walked straight into the little room that looked similar to an elevator. I stopped him just before he had taken a step into the little room. "Get of me" he argued. "You have no idea what is in there do you". "No" he replied. " I know what" said Grayson. "Lets all go in at the same time so that we all go to the same place". Good idea" said Marek. So we all walked in at the exact same time and strangely nothing happened. There was a huge button saying "press here" so we did and we heard a swirling noise and it went all black.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 9

Thump, thump. I opened my eyes to see Grayson jumping next to me. "Whats wrong with you" I said. "What's wrong with you" he replied. "You've been asleep for ages and I've been left alone to wake you up". "Well, we're are the others" I asked. They were so excited about that flying thing you discovered yesterday so they decided to give it another try. They have been gone for about half an hour. We should go look for them". I hopped out of my sleeping bag. and wondered sleepily over to the rock that I jumped of yesterday. I was still tired so I waited for a couple of minutes sitting on the rock until I was wide awake. I stood up and looked at Grayson who had all ready jumped off and was waiting for me. I leaped of the rock and started flapping my arms and started moving towards Grayson. "The others have gone to look for for some survivors on the island". "Do you know where they headed". "No. We're gonna have to look for them". "Okay" I said and we were off.

Flying felt amazing. Being able to see for ever. I felt light and that could fly for ever. I had my eye out for the others which didn't seem as hard because I was high in the sky and could see for ever. I looked around in each corner of the island looking for Marek, Josiah and Jordan. "Grayson their there" I said while pointing over at them, far away in the distance. He squinted to where I was pointing and said that he was confident that it was them. So we flew as fast as we could over to them curious to see if they had found anyone. When we arrived we discovered that they hadn't found anyone. "We haven't been in that half of the island yet" said Marek. "Do you want Grayson and I to go look over there". Yeah. That will be good". We flew approximately 50 meters from the ground so that we could see a bigger area. We looked and looked. We found no one.

Have you had any luck I said to the others when I had flown back to them. "Nah. What about you". "Nothing" I answered. "Let's stop" I said. "Yeah". I looked over at the far corner of the island where no one had searched. On top of the hill was a huge pyramid that I had heard nothing about. "You guys. come over here. They flew to me and looked of in the distance at where my finger was pointing. "Wow" said Grayson. "Let's go and look at it". We flew over to the pyramid which we hadn't been to before. It took about three minutes for us to fly there. When we arrived we landed on our feet and had a little look around the gold, sandy pyramid.

It was getting darker by the minute so we decided to lay down under a a bunch of trees and went to sleeping wondering what mystery lay in the center of the pyramid.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 8

I woke up almost exactly were I lay down last night. I could just see the outline of my hand. Being a ghost was almost like being human except no one could see, touch or hear you. Josiah was rolling around on the ground probably because being a ghost was a huge change. He opened his eyes and stared at me. "Man" he sighed. "I thought all yesterday was a dream but know" he sat there in silence. I looked over at the huge tree behind Josiah and could just see the outline of a foot. "Josiah. Come over here". He followed me behind the tree and there I saw, Jordan sleeping on the ground and Grayson a couple of meters behind him. "Thank goodness" I said. I ran over to Jordan and started shaking his head. He woke up but was still half asleep. "We found you guys" I said excitedly. It was much much easier to walk being a ghost. I felt as light as a feather. Josiah ran over to Grayson and woke him up as well. I felt so light. I thought that I could do anything. Flying was the first thing that came to my head. I wanted to fly. I walked over to a rock that was firmly planted in the ground. It was a meter high and was something I felt comfortable of jumping off. I stood on top of it and prepared to jump of.

I leaped of pretending that my legs were springs and left the rock. 'Please, please' I thought as I leaped of the rock. I opened my eyes while in mid air. My arms were flapping like crazy. I was not coming down. "you guys" I called to the others. They turned and saw me in mid air flying. I was slowly moving higher and higher. By now I was above the trees and I could just see the mountain in the bottom right corner of the island. I was gaining speed and was moving at a reasonable passe. I did a sharp turn in the air and flew back towards the others and landed smoothly on the ground. By now the others were all ready standing on the rocks and were about to leap of. 'Just spring of the rock and flap your arms as fast as you can". Grayson was first. As he leaped of the rock I couldn't help but laugh at how funny he looked. He was flapping his arms as fast as he could and he slowly started moving upwards. Jordan was up next and did the exact same as Grayson which made me laugh again. Josiah new exactly what to do and jumped of the rock and did everything perfect and started moving up. Three ghosts flying around in the sky. They all flew down almost at the exact same time.

"Wow" said Grayson. "I feel so free". Tomorrow we should all fly around the island looking for other people. Josiah yawned. I think we should go to bed now. We opened our back packs and pulled out our sleeping bags and went to sleep.