Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Return To Matainui-Day 4

I woke up forgetting I was a tree. Thinking how I was going to live the rest of my life. I had to find my friends. I set of towards the mountain which was where I thought they would be. Walking was hard, tiring and painful. But I kept going step after step.
As I reached the bottom of the mountain I remembered the huge steps leading to the top. It was alright getting up them as a human but as a tree it was a whole another story as I discovered. I tried to climb but it failed. So I jumped and pulled myself up with all my might. I made it! 'Yay' I thought as I stood up. But remembering that there was about 29 more to go.

At the 5th to top step I sat down for about 10 minutes breathing heavily. I kept going hoping my friends were at the top. I did not want to get to the top and discover my friends were not there. I arrived at the top and thumped on the door. Asser opened the door then looked straight at me. "Guys come here" he called. They came running then stopped suddenly at the door. I said slowly "I am Ben". They stood there with blank looks on their faces. "Oh my gosh" said Marek. "This has got to a dream" said Jordan. "Well it's not" I answered. "H-h-h-how did you turn into a tree" Asser stuttered. "Well I got surrounded by a group of trees then it went blank and I woke up and I was a tree". "How do you turn back to a human"? Marek questioned. "Well that's the problem. I have no idea if I will ever be able to walk on two feet again". "We have to find out a way to transform you back to a human" said Marek. "I know" I said. " I should go back down to were a got turned into a tree and see if those same trees are there. "Okay" said Marek. "I don't think that will work". 'I may as well try' I thought. I said I would be back in about two hours. I found it much easier walking down the mountain that up. But it was still reasonably challenging.

As I reached the bottom of the mountain I tried to remember the way to where I was turned into a tree. I could just recall the route to the circle where I got surrounded by trees. I noticed as I arrived at the circle where I got surrounded by the trees that there were a lot of trees moving around and talking. I interrupted their conversations and said "HEY"! To get their attention. They all turned and stared straight at me with disturbed looks on their faces."What one of them said from the back of the big group. "Does anyone know how to turn a tree back into a normal human being. "Well there is one way" said a huge tree standing right in front of me. The only way of being a human again is to have someone sacrifice their life for you. "Are you sure there is no other easier way. "No" he said. "Okay thank you for your time everyone". I walked back to the mountain. 'This is definitely going to be my last trip up the mountain for today' I thought.

My friends were waiting for me inside the spaceship. "Well" they said. " The only way for me to turn back human again is for someone to sacrifice their life for me. "Bags not" said Jordan sarcastically. "Haha". "I will think about it" said Asser. "Are you serious" I said surprisingly. "Well yeah. I am serious". "I'm gonna go to bed" said Jordan. "Me to" said Marek. "We all decided to go to bed and think about everything tomorrow. Unfortunately I had to sleep alone outside with all the other trees.

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